Growing up in Kaunas and being strongly influenced by different cultures, Jonas started producing music at fifteen, but his relationship with music was always on an abstract level, which made his personal work artistic, floating, and with no clear purpose. His latest debut album was inspired by Lithuanian electronic club music culture, particularly by a strong sense of modern hedonistic life. Palmės Žiedas has always felt a weakness for the mid/late twentieth-century recording style, so often his work may seem domestic and too human. However, these features only emphasise a melancholy sense of nostalgia for the modernist age. After his album debut “Futura”, he wanders between different Lithuanian alternative music scenes, which made him feel confused, distracted, but still in search of a place for his works to be admired. With his most recent single releases, Palmės Žiedas plays the last notes of the “Futura” style of music and wants to move on. The idea of conceptualising modern electronic music is starting to take shape in his recent unreleased works and now he quietly awaits the opportunity to present them to the world.