The album about dragons, moon, sun and dead people. 2024
The Thunders are coming. 2024
The story of Užuškaras begins. 2024
The stories I wanted to tell you about. 2023
Back to the future. 2023
Stepping to the unknown. 2022
Remixes of “Fhadi”, from producers Roe Deers and Tushen Raï. Record label “Good Skills”. 2021.
Last from the age of “Futura”. 2021
A story about life, death and cosmos. 2021.
“FUTURE_dance”. Disco, gabber, life, death. 2021.
“Fhadi”. When Arabian dragons are flying by. 2020.
“Futura”. The album. 2020.
“Idarto Mati”. Love + disco + love again. 2019.
“Lesbietė”. She was real, was she? 2019.
“Išsiblaškiau”. An album from a more friendlier era. 2018
“Tutorial”. Actually, this was a learning activity. 2018.