Stepping to the unknown. 2022
Remixes of “Fhadi”, from producers Roe Deers and Tushen Raï. Record label “Good Skills”. 2021.
Last from the age of “Futura”. 2021
A story about life, death and cosmos. 2021.
“FUTURE_dance”. Disco, gabber, life, death. 2021.
“Fhadi”. When Arabian dragons are flying by. 2020.
“Futura”. The album. 2020.
“Idarto Mati”. Love + disco + love again. 2019.
“Lesbietė”. She was real, was she? 2019.
“Išsiblaškiau”. An album from a more friendlier era. 2018
“Tutorial”. Actually, this was a learning activity. 2018.